A bed time story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who stayed home a little late on a Thursday morning to wait for the Fed Ex man to deliver a package. This was an ornery package from an unknown sender that insisted on being delivered to the home address, presented right at the door and signed by the girl. There would be no changing of the delivery to her work address, so she had to miss work and wait for the Fed Ex Man. Imagine the girl’s surprise when this ornery package wasn’t for her but was addressed to the girl who lived in the apartment before she did (a mere 1.5 years previous). She sadly handed the package back to the Fed Ex man and went out to her car to go to work. But then tragedy struck. Her apartment complex was working on the parking garage and she could not move her car from its appointed spot. So the girl sadly trudged back to her apartment, called in sick to work, and stayed home knitting all day long.

The end.

These and other great images found at NatalieDee.


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