The Tharmb

A week or two ago I spoke about a knitting tragedy that had befallen me. See, about a month ago the owner of the LYS store approached me about a commission job for her mother’s friend. This woman wanted a beautiful pair of cabled gloves out of the Vogue Knitting 25th anniversary edition. We selected some beautiful yarn (slate gray Taj Mahal if you’re asking) and I anted up. The finished product was to look like this:

I dutifully swatched for the gloves, got gauge and started knitting. As is obvious in the picture above, the gloves are gauntlet style. The picture I first saw, however, did not make that apparent. So I panicked for several days that my glove resembled a stretchy leg-warmer. However, after a pow-wow with some photographic evidence we decided I was on the right track.

I don’t know if you’ve ever knit cables from several charts at once, but I haven’t, and the gloves were going maddeningly slowly for a while. However, I seem to have gotten into my groove and have been progressing fairly rapidly in the last week or so. I was glorifying this accomplishment at dinner tonight when I suddenly lost my ability to speak english. “Tonight,” I cried, “tonight I will finish the…THARMB!” It was out of my mouth before I could take it back and my friends (Knitmeister S and Blenda from Oz) could only giggle at me. So there you have it folks, tonight I have finished, and I present to you, Cabled gloves WITH THARMB:

P.S. Yes Blenda I know there is a tharmb IN THE GLOVE but it was the only way to show the tharmb was complete.


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