Words of Advice

Never go to Target the week before Christmas.

Last night my creative decorating workmate A. and I went shopping. This year our workplace decided to adopt a family and since our colleagues were so generous in their donations we had almost $500 to spend on gifts for the family. So we headed out to shop last night, so we could wrap today and deliver gifts tomorrow. All I can say is %&^*$#@#*(&! Wow! Target was not only crowded, but it was not very stocked. And it was REALLY insanely hard shopping for a family when you don’t really know them. We could pick up the items they requested on their lists, but we weren’t sure what else to get as gifts since we don’t know what kinds of movies, books, games, etc. they already have or would enjoy. We shopped till we dropped last night, returned all the gifts to the office around 10pm and headed home to collapse into bed. Today is wrapping and then preparing for delivering tomorrow. I love what we’re doing, and that we’re making the holidays great for the family! But avoid Target like the plague. You’ll be glad you did.


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