A new sweater.

I knew when I set out for Kansas this holiday season that I’d have plenty of time for knitting. I knew this because the plan was to DRIVE to and from Virginia. So I came armed with lots of yarn and projects and was ready to knit my way through the holidays.

My first finished object of 2008 is a great sweater! I call this my New Zealand sweater, because the wool was shipped to me as a souvenir of my parents’ vacation there a year or so ago. It’s been sitting in my stash since then, awaiting the right pattern and timing.

I stuck to a simple pattern, as I was unsure about the yardage and how the sweater would knit up. I used the LYS’s trusty sweater design program to set up a basic top down cardigan, and figured I’d improvise from there. I knit the yoke, then the sleeves, and then decided to continue down the body until I ran out of yarn. Which was going great until I figured out I had a LOT of yarn. Never fear – add a hood! At this point I have bits and pieces of 3 skeins left – probably altogether about 3/4 of a skein total. I may add pockets but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Also – I’m in LOVE with the buttons. Those were procured here in Manhattan, KS at Wildflower – a yarn store I could spend a lot of time in if I lived here.

The specs:

Pattern: My own.
The Yarn: Astra Crucci Boucle, 5.25 skeins
The Needles: US9


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