The Last Week

I have now officially begun my last week at work. While Saturday night was incredibly bittersweet for me, I don’t think this week will be as bad. Although I love some of the people I work with, I don’t think I’ll be missing this job too much. It is just time for me to m move on, and I’m ready.

That said, everyone looks at me strangely each time I start packing up my personal nicknacks or head over to the shredder (no this isn’t Enron – I’m not shredding anything that would be useful to anyone). I’m just finding that after 3 years in a job, you accumulate a lot of JUNK.

So my day today is mostly filled with phone calls, interviews and wrap-ups. As a side note, despite the fact that I quit 6 weeks ago and handed them a catalog of all of my duties at the time I resigned, only today have they realized I’m going to be gone come Friday. The shit, my friends, has hit the fan.


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