The end.

I am now officially a lady of leisure. Yes, this means I will recline on my couch all day and eat bonbons. Except that the fridge is disappearing on Monday so the bonbons may get melty. Oh and the fact that I need to pack the whole place up by the 30th. But I won’t panic…YET.

Today was my last day of work! It was a fitting end to the job – they muffed up my final paycheck so I actually have to go back for it next week. That said, I ended the job in traditional fashion: at SUSHI!

For the past year or so, a group of my friends and I head over to a great little restaurant in Culver City, Irori, every Friday for lunch. It has quickly become our “Cheers” where the entire staff knows my name. It has great food and it’s like a second home to us. So my final day involved plum wine, teriyaki, tempura and all but one of my good work friends. We commemorated the occasion with photographic evidence.

My bunny ears courtesy of Isis, our favorite waitress!


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