Fridgeline: January 21, 2008

I recently wrote about the dilemma of being a woman living alone and trying to sell items via Craiglist. I might add that these days it seems the only people who buy items off of Craigslist are of the frosted flake variety. Approximately 2 weeks ago I put my fridge up for sale on Craiglist. I immediately got bombarded with emails. About half of those wanted to buy it at the price I listed, and the other half offered to take it off my hands for $100. I started making appointments with those who wanted to buy it at list price. After getting stood up not once, but TWICE (and having Knitmeister S sit with me one afternoon) I decided to give up on my dream price and let one of the cheaper guys have it. I had a nice email correspondence with one who said he’d show up this morning. And then he stood me up. GRRRR…

Luckily I had saved the emails from others. I started a flurry of correspondence and once gentleman offered to come by this afternoon. I was skeptical, but decided to give it one more try before I called Salvation Army and begged them to take it away. About 10 minutes ago my phone rang and a nice landlord was outside, ready to take my fridge away for his apartment complex. A crisp $100 bill later, and I now have a distinct lack of fridge in my apartment. Thanks heavens! Happy trails to you old buddy.


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