I’m ready for my close up now Mr. DeMille

Otherwise known as PHOTOGRAPHER DAY. I got up bright and early and once again met mom, this time for a little journey to the photographer’s studio to contemplate wedding packages (for those interested Harry Bellows). After a bit of chit-chat we placed our deposit and went merrily on our way. I love knowing the photographer in advance – he has shot several events we have been a part of and did the awesome family photos for my Dad’s 60th including our engagement photo.

After the meeting, my mom and I went shopping a bit for some linens for her new dining room table. I was shocked – we went to 2 department stores and the linens section in each was barren. All that was there were some overdone ugly tablecloths that would be hard to look at while eating. What happened to beautiful tablecloths and cloth napkins?

Since our shopping wasn’t much of a success, we decide to break for lunch. Then Mom had some appointments to get to so I headed home. I managed to get most of my errands done and even get in a little nap and a chat with my honey before heading over to the LYS for Bad Girls Knitting night – think wine and knitting! I’m turning the heels on my socks right now, and I’m almost done with the first mitten.

The rest of the weekend is busy: meeting with the judge who is marrying us tomorrow, a bit more knitting, staying with my family (and my 8 yo cousin who is crashing at my parents this weekend), and then a bowling party Sunday night. It’s really starting to sink in that I’m leaving here soon – Monday is the last packing day, Tuesday is a collection of last appointments and Wednesday the moving van comes (eek!). By this time next week I’ll be somewhere between here and Kansas. Scary and exciting all at once!

ETA – My quote of the day:

“Unemployment would be fun if I didn’t have so much shit to do.”


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