It winds from Chicago to LA…

That would be Historic Route 66 which Bel and I are following on this trip. We’re two days, 5 states and over 1,000 miles in and we’re having a great time. She has been quite the shutterbug, despite forgetting her camera battery charger. Since I’m the one driving, she’s been doing most of the shooting, so the photo credit goes to her.

We left LA on Friday morning and headed out through Barstow. I had forgotten that the Mojave desert was beautiful and that we could get some great shots. After a few hours in the desert, we started into Arizona. The landscape changed slightly, much to Bel’s delight. About 7pm we reached Flagstaff where Bel got to see snow (she hadn’t ever been in snow before!) which she pronounced cold and wet. We had dinner at the Horsemen Lodge, which has EXCELLENT food and is a must-stop if you’re ever in Flagstaff.

After dinner we pressed onwards and stopped for the night in Gallup, New Mexico. Despite the less-than-great accommodations (think NOISY all night long) we rested up and headed out this morning, destined for Oklahoma. The day dawned really beautiful and we both enjoyed the drive through red rock. The sky was absolutely amazing today, as you can see from Bel’s shot of the road.

When we hit Albuquerque we stopped for brunch at Cracker Barrel. Bel had never been to this road trip institution, so we partook of brunch and a little shopping at the country store. We also enjoyed the rockers out on the front porch.

Duly fortified we trekked through the rest of New Mexico and crossed into Texas. Although there was a bit more on the road than I remembered (all I had remembered was tumbleweed and prairie grass and a few cows), there still wasn’t much. The highlight/lowlight of the trip through Texas was the stop in Amarillo.

Highlight: When Bel asked me if an Amarillo was “an animal sort of like an anteater?” Remember folks – she’s Aussie and isn’t familiar with American geography or zoology.

Lowlight: Ordering milk shakes at a Dairy Queen and instantly regretting it as we watched the staff prepare the food behind the counter. ‘Nuff said.

After Amarillo, Texas passed in a dark blur and we crossed into Oklahoma. Interestingly enough, we were listening to my iPod at the time and right as we crossed the Oklahoma-Texas line, this song was playing. Tonight we reached Oklahoma City and are enjoying the relative peace and quiet (and reliable internet) of the Hilton Garden Inn. Tomorrow we only have a few more hours driving and then I arrive at my new home.

One last shot of Bel and I in action.

I forgot to add the two most interesting road items for the day:

1. When a cop pulled off the median and set his hazards on. I slowed down to see what was happening – he waved his thanks to me and ran out in the road to remove a huge chunk of tire tread. Bel caught the action shot.

2. Some trucks move very interesting cargo.


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