This weekend Wes and I headed to my in-laws’ place in Kansas to do a little woodworking. Wes has developed a love of carpentry and in his spare time has built us a few beautiful pieces. When we found our place in Kansas City, he told me that he was interested in making us an entertainment center and I gladly agreed. So this weekend we went home to start the first of the entertainment center.

Friday night we got out of town about 5pm and headed southwest-ish. We pulled into Home Depot about 8pm and picked out the wood we needed. Saturday morning he got up early (I cheated and slept in a bit) and spent a full day woodworking. There was cutting and sawing, routering, drilling, gluing and sanding. And we’re only about half done! In the process we picked up a few new tools, he taught me lots of skills, I learned to ask some important questions, and I even got to do a little woodworking on my own (no pictures of me with the jigsaw, but my own little sock blockers are half-stained and drying). It was a fun, if not exhausting Saturday, complete with some yummy Thai food at our favorite Thai place and some snuggling in bed while the wind raged outside.

This morning we woke up early-ish to continue our work and hopefully get started staining. Alas, it wasn’t to be. About 9:30 the power conked out and by 11 it still wasn’t back on. So we packed up and headed back to KC. We’ll be back there next weekend and hopefully have some photos of the finished piece to show!


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