Fear the "Wintry Mix"

My friends, I am learning so much about the Midwest. Today I learned about the goodness that is the “Wintry Mix”. Fear the “Wintry Mix”. For those not in the know, “Wintry Mix” is what they call it when they know it’s going to precipitate but they do not know what is going to be falling from the sky. It could be rain, it could be sleet, it could be snow, it could be ice. It’s a veritable grab-bag of winter fun!

Sadly, I couldn’t stick to my normal winter day plans and just stay home and knit. I pulled myself together (and scraped ice off my car for 20 minutes), ran errands, dropped a finished piece off at the knitting store, and headed over to the neighborhood AppleOne Temp Agency for a little interviewing. That is definitely the bright spot in the day – my account executive practically drooled dollar signs when he saw my resume and fell all over himself to be my permanent “representation”. Hey he makes money if I make money, so I’m happy. Hopefully he has an opportunity for me that will start next week!

On the way home I had an experience I would never have in California. Sadly my wonderful car was running on empty and I had to get out in the yuck to pump gas. I decided I needed a cup of the super sweet vanilla cappuccino, and then saw the anti-freezing windshield washer fluid. (I might add that my windshield washer fluid has been frozen and unusable practically since I got here.) I told the lady to add it to my tab. She asks me if my car is out in the lot, and I reply in the positive. Next thing I know she has her high school worker come out to my car and put it in there for me. I was so sorry that I didn’t have any cash on me, because the poor kid was out there in the cold fixing my car.

Now I’m home, on the couch, safely knitting and staying warm. Blasted winter.


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  1. ...e...
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 22:09:00

    this is much more reassuring. somehow you sounded far more suicidal over on the other venue where we all hang out, or maybe that’s just me 🙂


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