Lazy Saturday

Today Wes and I took it easy. I slept in a bit this morning and then got up and ran a few errands. I hit the post office and then dropped off “Darla” at the local yarn shop and picked up a few balls of yarn as compensation for my efforts. I now have some fun new sock yarn to try, including the new Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn.

I came home and we chilled while watching some t.v., then got our stuff together to go out shopping for a bit. We stopped at Home Depot for some utility shelving, at Bed, Bath & Beyond for some miscellaneous kitchen items, at Borders so we could spend a gift certificate, and then at Macy’s so I could pick up a crock pot that I have been coveting (yes I now have domestic urges… sometimes).

Then we headed down to a big shopping center for our last shopping stop and some BBQ at Famous Dave’s – a local favorite. We were headed for Cabela’s, an outdoor and sporting mecca of sorts. Now Wes drags brings me into outdoor stores all the time and usually I’m fairly bored. He loves kayaking and camping and I prefer day trips to nature followed by a hot shower and a good night’s sleep in a warm bed.

Nonetheless, I have to say, Cabela’s was pretty awesome. It was kind of like Disneyland for outdoorists. In front of the lodge-like structure is this huge bronze statue of elk – please excuse the picture, all I had with me was my camera phone. What you can’t see is that behind the elk is a man-made “waterfront” where you can take the boat you want to buy for a test drive.

Then you head inside and there’s a man-made stream inside (with live fish and ducks!) and a whole mountain sculpture with stuffed animals of all kinds. It’s kind of a like a trip to the zoo, except that the animals have all seen the taxidermist. There’s a gun section, an archery section, a fishing section, a camping section, a clothing section, and of course the water-related areas. There was also a yummy looking grocery section to be used for both camping, and home cooking. And there was a fudge counter in there with 20+ different kinds of fudge! After resisting going for so long, I felt kind of silly. I’d totally go back and browse, and I don’t even like the outdoors. (Why yes, that is a grizzly bear staring down at the fish in the stream – too bad he’s dead and the aren’t!)

Anyhow, after Cabela’s and a BBQ dinner at Dave’s we’re now sitting at home hanging out. I’m icing my toe which I delicately slammed into a curb outside, and knitting a bit. And it’s the perfect lazy Saturday (well minus the toe-slamming).


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