I’ve noticed of late that I haven’t been posting as much. I attribute this to a few factors. First of all, I’m not as blessed with internet access as I once was. I’m learning in this world of temping that internet access is definitely not standard, though phones and filing definitely are.

Second, I find that I have a lot less to tell you. When I’m not working I’m busy hanging out at MisKnits with the owner Amber and knitting to my heart’s content. When I am working, I don’t talk to my “co-workers” that much so I have very little office fodder to share.

This week has been a little varied. Tuesday I temped for a University of Phoenix location here in Kansas City. I was filling in for the receptionist who was ill, and when I showed up the enrollment counselor who was answering the phones said “I hope you brought a book with you!” Yippee! I got to read magazines, knit and answer the phone occasionally. No great shakes, but a nice quiet day.

The only blog fodder I picked up was this:

Enrollment Counselor: You should consider getting more education.

Me: Oh I think I’m done with education.

Her: Well a bachelors degree is great, but a masters degree is better.

Me: Mmmmhmmm.

Her: Would you think about getting them?

Me: Well I already have both, so I think I’m set.

Her: Oh. *sort of shocked look*

Today I worked for a construction company. Mostly I was gathering bids and estimates for some big projects in and around KC, so it wasn’t too bad, save that I spent the WHOLE day on the phone. As a big plus, the office I got put in had a nice big window and AN EASY BUTTON. I don’t know what that says about me that THAT was the plus for me.

The knitting continues, but not much in a state to take pictures. I’ll share more soon.


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