Data entry is my middle name.

Today I went down to the Plaza to temp for a lending institution. It turned out that I got quite the education today, as my data entry project was in the collections department. Now in the past I haven’t had a great opinion of collections agencies or practices. I certainly heard some interesting things today, but I also saw the other side; where the agents at the bank tried to work out payment plans with people who got behind on their payments based on what they could afford. The office highlight today, for them anyway, was when they repossessed a client’s car. (Before you feel too bad, the client had financed in full last year and hadn’t paid a dime back on the loan yet).

Anyhow so that was my day job. Today’s lesson from the Midwest, is that things in Kansas start earlier than most places. In Los Angeles the earliest I was ever at work was 8:30am, and most jobs didn’t start until 9 or 10. Here if the job starts at 8am, that’s late. Most of the people were already there when I got there at quarter to 8 today. This does mean we get out of work earlier, but it also means that we drive to work in the dark – see my GPS was on NIGHT mode as I drove to work today. ICK.

The one real perk today is that the lending institution is about 2 blocks from a knitting store so I got to walk there and fondle the yarn at lunch. Tonight was also Wednesday knit night, so there was lots of fiber goodness there too!

Speaking of fiber goodness, tomorrow is Wear a Sweater Day in honor of what would have been Mr. Rodgers’ 80th birthday. I know I’m going to wear my handknits! You should too! And won’t you be my neighbor?


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