PHAT Carpentry Skillz

When Wes got home Friday night, after a beautiful 60+ degree day, he suggested that maybe we should head down to his mom’s this weekend, work on some more furniture and maybe even bring home his motorcycle. Unfortunately today it was in the 40’s and flurrying so no bike, but we did have a good woodworking weekend.

We got in sort of late Friday night and went to bed ready for an early morning of errands and woodworking. Yesterday we managed to cut the 2×6’s and router them to get them ready to be framed. I learned a new skill yesterday (as you can see) – the router.

After we had routered the edges, we set about building the frames. Since we only had a few sets of clamps we had to build and glue the frames one at a time. That pretty much took us the rest of the day (there are 4 frames). We managed to get into town to get Wes’ car serviced and to get some yummy Thai food at our favorite place and chilled at home for a while last evening.

This morning Wes got up bright and early (and let me sleep a bit!) and we cut shelves (we’re building bookcases) and cut grooves in the frames to hold the shelves. Now the next time we go back we just have to sand, stain and glue them together! Of course, Wes also wanted to test out more or the features of his new router. Here’s his efforts with it – I think it’s better than his real penmanship! (Just kidding – I love you honey!)

In addition to honing my carpentry skills, this weekend I worked on some knitting. This time around I was working on a sample for a yarn shop here in Kansas City. The pattern was a Berroco pattern that the yarn shop owner wanted modified. The yarn was divine – it’s Cascade Venezia, a silk and wool blend, and that it’s so soft and luxuriously squishy. This was a fun little knit and I really like how it turned out. It’s a little preppy for me, but I just might give it a try for myself one of these days. The specs are below:

Pattern: Berroco’s Banesha. (However, I modded the pattern a bit – instead of the skirt I added an extra inch or two at the hem of the sweater, and then did a 1×1 rib on smaller needles to match the neckline.)

The Yarn: Cascade Venezia. Warm cocoa (2 skeins for the XS size)

The Needles: 7’s for the body, 5’s for the 1×1 ribbing at hem and neckline.


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  1. Jo
    Mar 24, 2008 @ 04:32:00

    I totally called it. Sorry you had to go out there AGAIN, but it looks like you had a pretty fun time. And there’s lots of free time for knitting, in the country.


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