Patriotic Geocaching

Wes and I decided that we wanted to geocache at least once on our 3-day holiday weekend. So we set out this morning in search of some fountains. Kansas City is actually known as the city of fountains – the only city in the world with more fountains is Rome! Now some enterprising geocacher decided that many of the fountains needed geocaches, and I thought it would be a great way for us to see the city. So today, I selected 4 fountains for us to go see.

The first two were in the old part of town, on the scenic Ward Parkway. What I didn’t realize when I selected the fountains I did was that we were going to take a little patriotic tour. The first fountain we visited was the Meyer Circle Fountain, which is the start of the Avenue of Trees, a greenway that was planted in honor of the men who died in the second World War. The fountain itself was beautiful, the geocache was found and a patriotic sight was seen. These eagles appeared atop walls across the street from the fountain that bore plaques honoring those killed in World War II.

The second fountain we visited was just up the street, the Mirror Fountain. This was a beautiful pool of water, and a slightly tricky cache to find. However we got to sit and enjoy the view of duck butt while we were waiting.

Next we headed downtown to the Crown Center Fountain. As it turned out Crown Center was not really the place to be today – the entire plaza and fountain was taken over by a family fest for the Memorial Day Weekend. So much for caching there! But, we got to visit both Union Station and the Liberty Memorial. The Liberty Memorial was erected for World War I Veterans. Today we got to mill about and watch them set up for the spectacle tomorrow – a concert, fireworks, and a speech by the only known remaining surviving veteran of World War I.

We grabbed lunch in Union Station and wandered the shops and then meandered through the elevated walkways to Crown Center and the Hyatt Crown Center. Wes really wanted to show me the amazing lobby sculpture. The pictures don’t do it justice really.

So that was how we spent our first day off. Here’s to more fun before the weekend is over!


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