Busy busy!

This past week has just simply flown by. I realized about 1am on Monday night/Tuesday morning that our wedding is just over two months away! While I’m SUPER excited, the anxiety also kicked in. Not about the marriage mind you – just about the wedding. So many details to attend to, and so little time left. We’ve been engaged for so long that the wedding has always been far away. Not any more!

This week I’ve also been busy knitting – I hope to have some finished objects to show soon. I got to meet up with a bunch of my knitting friends several times this week. I’ve also been working (a little bit – just yesterday). All that leaves very little time for packing. Yes, I’m leaving for LA tomorrow morning for the final pre-wedding trip. The next week will see me getting fitted for my dress, having the final meeting with the florist and the venue, getting our marriage license, getting Wes measured for his tux, and seeing friends, knitting and attending Stitch ‘n Pitch on Monday night!

As today is our last day together for a bit (Wes won’t join me in LA until later next week) we decided to enjoy the day together. As you can see above, some people thought it might be a good day for ballooning. We opted to kayak instead. We headed out to a little lake near us and spent a few hours paddling around the lake, seeing birds and wildlife up close, and peacefully kayaking in grassy and tree-filled areas. This is my favorite picture that I shot today.


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