Ghetto GPS says "We goin’ the back way, aight?"

Yesterday was the Sunflower Knitters Guild Kansas yarn crawl and oh lawdy did we have fun! I teamed up in a car with Miss Carmen, my buddy PlazaJen and our new friend Jenny and we hit all the yarn shops this side of the Missouri River. We started out in Olathe at KnitWit, headed down to Louisburg to the NeedleNest, and then high-tailed it over to Lawrence to Bonkers and Yarn Barn. I went a little beyond my budget but scores some great buys (with discounts!). As a result, I’m on an enforced yarn diet at least until my honeymoon!

The title above refers to our beloved Miss Carmen who proclaimed that we didn’t need my GPS in the car yesterday because she had it covered. “You have yourself a genuine Ghetto GPS, so you don’t need yours!” We laughed about it throughout the day, but you know what? She knew here way EVERYWHERE. I swear the woman can smell yarn a mile away (as well as tell you exactly what yarn it is!).

After spending all of yesterday with my craft, I spent today with my sweetie. We ran a few errands, had a delicious lunch and then headed out to Smithville Lake for some exploring, a bit of impromptu hiking and some pictures. Mostly we were investigating places to put the kayaks into this HUGE lake.

The drive out there and back provided just enough knitting time for me to finish the first of several knits I have on the needles. Details below:

The Pattern: #30 Mesh Lace Tank from Vogue, Spring/Summer 2008

The Yarn: Dream in Color, Classy, Nightwatch

The Needles: US 8, 9 and 10

The Verdict: This one is actually a sample for A Mano in LA. This was a fun knit, pretty easy and quick. I LOVE the colorway of the yarn… it makes me think of summer storms and is a beautiful blue with shades of grey, green and purple mingled in. The only advice I will give is this – Classy is much larger gauge than the yarn the pattern calls for, so a little goes a long way. I stuck to the XS size and as you can see it fits my size medium body!


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