Quick report.

Things are crazy here, what with the last minute wedding preparations, frenzied knitting (to finish samples before I go), the diminished space in our apartment (due to wedding packages!)

Posting will probably be a little light in the next few weeks. I’m working at my temp job until this Thursday, and then the little sis flies in on Friday morning and we head for LA – we’re driving so I don’t expect to get there until Sunday night. With the hassles of travel these days, I’m glad we’re driving, but right now I’m trying to pack for the next three weeks of wedding, honeymoon, and a few different climates.

I’ll try and check back in as I’m able, and will post pictures when I can find the cable, a laptop and myself in the same room! For now I leave you with a few photos of the weekend. The first is what I came home and found yesterday. Apparently Wes has rescued him (Bob the Box Turtle as he became known) from the middle of a busy road. Somehow he thought it would be fun to scare the bejeezus out of me by bringing him home. Needless to say we will NOT be needing a turtle-sitter while at the wedding. We took Bob to a nearby lake last night and let him go wild.

The last two are photos of yarn I’ve been hoarding in my stash. The yarn is dyed by a semi-local artisan and each skein is one-of-a-kind. I actually took a dying class from her yesterday and will be posting pics of my own hand-dyed once I skein it up. However, these two are destined to become socks on my honeymoon and will also constitute my vacation knitting pictures for Summer of Socks. LOVE this yarn.


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