A wonderful Saturday.

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day. It started early. We got up around 8:30 to get ready for a day at the Renaissance Faire. With a few errands and a bit of breakfast we arrived a little after 10:30am to the huge Faire grounds in Bonner Springs. We’d bought our tickets the night before so we sailed on through the gates and started exploring. For the next few hours we wandered and saw lots of things.

There was the petting zoo for children. They had goats and pigs, and even a few alpaca!

We wandered through various shops of leather, glass, jewelry, clothing and more. We saw a variety of faces.

We watched the jousting tournament while enjoying good food and beautiful weather. We saw the king and the queen.

And we even indulged in a little fibery goodness – hand-dyed merino!

Around 4pm we packed it in and headed out north of the city. A former boss of mine was in town visiting his in-laws and there was a big party out on the farm. He invited us to join in promising great food and a band. He didn’t lie.

The estate was beautiful – over 600 acres of forest, soybean planted farmland and a beautiful lake. We enjoyed catching up with him and his wife, and meeting new people.

We took a hayride in a tractor.

And enjoyed a sunset.

And oh the food – several different kinds of smoked meat (smoked all day next to the lake – smelled wonderful!), and salads and sides, and dessert.

All in all a pretty spectacular day.


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