And here comes round 3.

The big news of this weekend (well Thursday and Friday) is that I have now progressed to Round 3 of job interviewing. That means that on Thursday of this coming week I will be meeting with a whole new set of potential colleagues and bosses, including the president and CEO of the company. Let’s hope this goes well so that I’m happily employed soon!

Things haven’t been too exciting around here. I’ve used my copious free time to crank out a few projects. I’ve done a second cowl for another local shop in another scrumptious yarn, I’ve progressed on several other projects I’ve got going and I finished another commission – an Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby Sweater and hat. The yarn is VERY VERY pink, but the client brought it to me to make something cute for her granddaughter.

I’ve also managed to catch up a bit on reading. I’d had The Other Boleyn Girl on my must-read list for a while now, especially since I wanted to read it before I rent the movie. I tore right through the book and it was a pleasant read. I find myself sort of engrossed in the Tudors now having just watched Season 1 of The Tudors on Showtime and having pored over the internet today trying to learn more about the Boelyns and Henry VIII.

I’ve also gotten sucked into Mad Men. I’m now mid-Season 1 via my old friend Netflix, and I’m loving it so far. My only complaint is that I can’t get the DVDs here fast enough to devour them!

The weather here has really turned to fall. The leaves are changing, and it’s crisp and cold out. We’ve been down in the 40’s at night, so the first frost can’t be far off. All of this makes me want to knit up tons of warm sweaters and get myself ready for fall. Today was sunny, although a bit cold, and Wes and I managed to take a couple-mile walk through the parks and trails behind our house. It’s been interesting living here over 9 months now and watching the area change with the seasons. Today I noticed how bare the trees are becoming and how the colorful leaves are burying the paths. I love the change in the seasons and I love fall, so I hope it sticks around for a while. No need for snow just yet!


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  1. mehitabel
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 02:47:00

    I think I need to borrow the Boleyn girl books–I bought them for my sis-in-law a couple of years ago, for Christmas, but didn’t have time to read them myself. I also want to make a couple of those Feb. Baby Sweaters soon! Too much yarn, not enough time…


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