I do believe I am following in the steps of my friend PlazaJen when I do a post of random orts!

  • I went to the drive-up ATM today and watched not one, but two people park their cars more than 3 feet from the ATM and GET OUT to use the ATM. PEOPLE! They are drive-up ATM’s, you use them FROM YOUR CAR.
  • Yesterday night I was all in a tizzy because I had missed a call from the HR Director at the great place I want to work. I needn’t have bothered to get anxious since it was just another “we don’t have a decision yet” call.
  • This means I have to enter retail hell on Monday. SUCK.
  • Since this is random orts, look at my cute little sock monkey!
  • This morning I woke up to a terrible beeping noise. The battery in the smoke detector was on its last legs, only I couldn’t reach it – even with a stepladder – because I am vertically challenged. EPIC FAIL. Then I used a coat hanger to whack on it a little and got the battery out. Still that infernal beeping. Then hubby suggested I get furniture involved. I gave in and built a pyramid of furniture and FINALLY reached the detector to change the battery. Ahhh blessed silence.
  • Then I went to the post office and building maintenance came in and changed the batteries. Again.
  • Next week is Thanksgiving and I’m excited. I get to see my friends and family and go to LA! I get to knit myself a sweater during all the travel time! Can it be here now?

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