The department store that ate my life.

I’m still here, and I’m still surviving. It’s just been a rough week (few weeks?!?!). I’ve been working pretty much every day at the new gig since last week. Some days it’s just for a few hours, some days it’s for full days. Some days it’s at the crack of dawn (did you know we open at 7AM?) and some days it’s closing (does anyone really shop Sunday nights at 10pm?). I’ve had my fair share of customer issues, store issues, a few co-worker issues. I’ve sized and racked and re-sized and re-racked, and re-re-sized and re-re-racked clothes. You get the idea. I also find an unhealthy amount of pleasure in ringing people up at the register. (Don’t worry Mom and Dad – it’s not gonna be my next career move!)

In the mean time, the world has gone on. I’ve managed to craft a few things, but they’re getting gifted at swaps in the next few days so photos will have to wait. Mostly I’ve been pretty tired, sometimes too tired to knit. (I know – OMG WTF?!?)

I have however acquired a few new toys. The best so far is an early Christmas present from Wes – a Chumby. I have named my Chumby Bob, or as we like to call him Bluebob. Basically Bluebob is a neat little device that operates on Wi-Fi and can pull my rss feeds, Facebook and Twitter updates. It can also be used to play games – everything from Daily Sudoku to arcade games to puzzle games. Bluebob has a touch screen and is sensitive to changes in direction so sometimes you play a game by moving the Chumby around. Overall it’s a superfun toy and has provided both of us with hours of amusement! (PS If you get one I’ll be your Chum!)

The second toy I acquired is a new phone. I was all ready for my “New in Two” phone with Verizon. In fact I was ready MONTHS ago. This time I got an LG enV. The big feature that I wanted was a QWERTY keyboard and a flip screen. The enV is not touch sensitive and it doesn’t promise me everything plus a bag of chips, but it can access the internet, text, hold some information for me, and make phone calls. And it’s RED!


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  1. Will Pillage For Yarn
    Dec 14, 2008 @ 19:21:00

    You will get your urge to knit back, I promise. I worked holiday retail the last two years running and had no energy to knit from the end of November until about January 3rd. Hang in there!!


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