It’s like Ohmigod!

You can say many things about me. I possess many talents. Gardening, however, is not one of them. In fact I’m spectacularly bad at it. Since moving to Kansas City, you might say that I have a one way relationship with potted plants and cuttings, one of virtually assured destruction.

My only briefly successful foray into the growing world was the Aerogarden escapades of this past spring/summer. And I have to say it was kind of cheating. It was grow lights, water, prepackaged seed pods and food pellets.

Last weekend Wes and I decided to try our hand at growing again. We spent a little while at Home Depot pondering our options and ended up with a Burpee Grow Kit. The kit comes with a plastic tray, a watering system (reservoir and absorbent mat), and some “magic” dirt pellets (they expand when you add water). At the end of the evening our newest project looked like this:

We planted a variety of vegetables and herbs. From our previous experience we expected the herbs to sprout within a 7-10 days and be ready for harvesting and transfer within 4-6 weeks. From reading the vegetable packets, we expected our plants to be transferable in about 6 weeks and mature in 60-90 days. We reasoned that this would be at earliest, March, and at lastest April, perfectly warm.

A mere 6 days later, this is what we have:

Those there on the left are the BEANS OF DOOM with root systems already OUTSIDE the plastic tray. In the middle you can see a melange of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and onions. Those big sprouts on the right are the broccoli.

Not much action from the herb section:

Apparently the hubs and I are genius gardeners huh? We’re also in SERIOUS trouble.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PlazaJen
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 03:15:00

    woohoo! Patio gardening, here you come! That’s awesome. Hubs is gonna get going on his various seeds soon – we’ve had garden porn strewn about the house for weeks now…. (that’s ‘seed catalogs’ for the eyebrow wagglers…)


  2. Christine
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 18:53:00

    I’m impressed! It looks like a neat project, and you get to EAT the finished goods. Very cool. 🙂


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