Honey, I’m home!

Wes and I just returned about an hour ago from a great weekend in Chicago. The l’il sis had the starring role in Measure for Measure, so the fam all met up in Chicago for a weekend of theatre, good eats and fun.

Wes and I drove up on Friday/Saturday and checked into our hotel about 4pm. Then we met up with my parents and some cousins for a fabulous dinner at Francesca’s in Edgewater. The food was really delicious, the company was good and the best part is that the restaurant was across the street from the theatre.

We then went across the street and were entertained for two plus hours. The play was really excellent, and we all had a great time. If you’re going to be in Chicago any time in the next few weeks you should catch this one!

Sunday we all met up for brunch, and then the l’il sis went off to her matinee and the my parents, Wes and I went shopping and touring. I caught a few fun photos around the city, and my dad took this one. All we need is a pitchfork!

Now we’re home, attempting to catch up with Mt. Laundry and get ready for work tomorrow. The garden didn’t seem to fare too badly for a few days without water. We’ve moved it outdoors now and we’re seeing some produce! We’re most impressed with our cucumbers:

Some carrots:

And of course, the tomatoes:


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