Da Christmas Knits

This year I made the choice to knit holiday gifts. It has been a long haul, but here we are at exactly a week before Christmas and I am done with everything that is technically a Christmas gift! Yes I still have a few new baby gifts, an errant Chanukah gift, and a few end of the year things to wrap up, but I timed my holiday knitting just right this year. No all-nighters needed! So here’s what’s recently off my needles:

The Pattern: Springtime Bandit

The Needles: US 7

The Yarn: Fibres by Vampy, Merino Cashmere Nylon Blend, Colorway: Rioja

Verdict: This was quick little knit and will provide the perfect little shawlette/triangular scarf for a good friend in LA (practically the second sister!). The yarn was luscious to work with and the photo does nothing to capture the deep reddish brownish beauty of the yarn. I love the lacework!

The Pattern: Sideways Rib Hood/Cowl

The Needles: US 7’s

The Yarn: Dream in Color, Smooshy, Black Parade

The Verdict: My mother-in-law wanted a cowl that would double as a hood to keep out the cold. I played with the pattern quite a bit, making my own mods as I saw fit and ended up with a great cowl. Again, the picture doesn’t do the color justice – it’s like an oil slick – black and blue and brown with swirls of all the colors.

The Pattern: My own, Happy Face Hat

The Needles: US 8’s

The Yarn: Knit Picks Shine in Black and Caution!

The Verdict: Wes told me a while ago he wanted some hats made with circular motifs. He was insistent that one should be a happy face. Now who am I to let him down? I whipped this one out pretty quickly and I’m hoping he’s enjoying it! (due to a lack of hats and a preponderance of cold weather, he got this gift a little early!)

Up next time: Colorwork mittens for me!


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