Who the fuck is Alice?

Back in the summer of 1996, I had just graduated high school, and I was lucky enough to go on a “European Dream” – a thirty-day Europe trip led by my favorite English teacher. We spent exactly one night in Rothenburg, a small town on the German-France border. That night we went into town, and into one of the beer gardens. The place was full of happy Germans, who enjoyed the fact that 25-30 young American girls were joining in their evening. They plied us as best they could with liters of beer and apple shots. All the while a live band played German songs. So the Americans were amused when all of a sudden we heard everyone in the tent chanting an English refrain to an otherwise German song: “Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?”

Well lookee what I found… (this appears to be a version in English, but it still brings back great memories!)


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  1. Christine
    May 02, 2010 @ 16:43:41

    HA! I got drunk three nights in Rothenburg right after graduating from high school too! (but in 1987) . It explains so much, no wonder we’re friends!


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