Torreyana Pines

A few months ago, someone I consider a dear friend (but have only met on the internet) purchased a yarn store. She was so excited to have a yarny business of her own! I volunteered to knit a sample for her shop as an opening gift. Fast forward a few months and I’ve finally finished a lacy shawl that I hope will inspire her customers to knit more lace!

The Pattern: Torreyana from the Summer Knitty 2010

The Yarn: Baruffa Cashwool, Purple

The Needles: US 6’s

The Verdict: This was a challenging knit. There are lots of different charts and pieces, and the pattern is set up so that you can add in what you want and omit what you don’t. So there were lots of decisions to be made and careful tracking to be done. Add in very thin laceweight yarn, cables and nupps and you understand why it took me almost 3 months to knit. But I think it’s beautiful and I hope it will inspire my friend’s customers to knit lace!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chery
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 00:01:58



  2. christine
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 15:15:04

    Gorgeous! What’s the shop? You never know in our travels where we’ll end up. I always like stopping by LYS!


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