My green thumb.

It’s amazing how life takes twists and turns that you never expect. If you ask anyone I was going to live, love and die in Los Angeles. I could never have foreseen moving to the Midwest with my sweetie, much less loving it here. I don’t know if we’ll stay forever, but then again I keep threatening that I’m never going to move house again.

One of the many things I never saw myself doing was starting a garden. Now don’t get me wrong – I have no use for flower beds and I still abhor getting dirty.  But there’s something about growing my own food in the ground that tempts me. Tempts me enough that we planted part of the enormous raised bed that the previous occupants of our house left us.

It is to my great joy and frustration that our yarn is exceedingly fertile. Vegetables = good. Endless weeds and plants that I have to hoe/weed/pull/curse at? Less so.

But then there’s the lettuce:

And the beans:

And the cucumber invasion:

(and there you can see the part of the bed we didn’t plant that I’m still fighting with!)

And even though we started a little late, I’m hoping for tomatoes:

And maybe one day a strawberry patch:

I can’t take credit for it, but I’m super excited about our blackberries!

Now if only I could do something about the “artist” formerly known as the chicken yard:

(for reference, we tilled the chicken yard about 8 weeks ago – what you see is ONLY 8 weeks of growing!)


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