This week I was pleasantly surprised to find out that someone on Etsy had included an item I made in her October Wishings treasury.  A treasury, on Etsy, is simply a collection of items that a particular member has grouped together. It can be themed, it can be a shopping list, it can be anything he or she wants it to be.

Maybe I should back up. Etsy is a fabulous site for handcrafted goods of all kinds from jewelry to knitting to prints to sewing to anything you can make and sell! I’ve recently opened my own shop, but I am continually inspired by the artisans I find there.

As I explored the “treasury” a little more, I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating some. I think I’m addicted!  In both of the ones I’ve linked below I had a particular item that I loved, so I build a set around that item’s theme.

In Gothic Lolita, I started with a stunning red gown and looked for things that complemented the theme and color. Of course no collection is complete without a fibery influence.

In Into the Woods I started with a wooden button and jewelry maker (the second item in the top row is one of her works) and built from there.

There are a few other collections up that I have put together. Stay tuned!


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