Day 1: Me too! Me too!

Several days ago my friend Kippiann told me about the 31 Days of Change project.  I’ve been wracking my brain for the last few days for a way that I could play.  Sure I could showcase my creative endeavors, but I sort of do that enough already.  I toyed with the idea of doing 31 days of things I’m thankful for (given that the fall and Thanksgiving are around the corner), but it just didn’t feel right. Then I thought about the things I’ve been trying to do lately: take pictures, enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors, watch the fall colors and I had it.  My 31 day challenge.

Before I moved to Kansas I had an idea of what I might find here. Not surprisingly, influenced by the Wizard of Oz, I thought Kansas would be flat and grey and boring. But it isn’t – it’s beautiful and green and vibrant. So I’m going to give you 31 days of photos of Kansas. Some are stereotypical, many aren’t.  Some were taken over the last few years, some are taken now with my new camera as we enjoy the outdoors.

So welcome to 31 days of Kansas!

Photo shot: October 17, 2010. The Arboretum, Overland Park, Kansas


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  1. kippi
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 01:49:08

    I love the Kansas landscape. The Prairie is only found on 1% of the worlds’ land. It is amazingly beautiful. I am a total prairie girl. Can’t wait to see your photos. LOVE this one.


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