Day 6: Bar-B-Q

You can’t live in Kansas City very long without hearing how it is THE place for Bar-B-Q!  It’s also one of those things you want to avoid discussing at parties, just like politics and religion, because everyone in Kansas City has their own favorite BBQ and the competition is fierce.

There’s Arthur Bryant’s (where the claim to fame is the special orange BBQ sauce), Jack Stack (which boasts hickory-fired brick ovens and premium cuts of meat), Gates (where the ordering style is informal and it’s all about the meat), Oklahoma Joe’s (which boasts the “best sauce on the planet”), and BB’s Lawnside BBQ (where BBQ meets the blues) plus a variety of other smaller restaurants.  There’s also the Kansas City Barbeque Society and the World Series of Barbecue at the American Royal.

Which is to say, Bar-B-Q is SERIOUS BIZNESS in Kansas City. SRS BZNS.

I confess (and risk public flogging) that Wes and I actually don’t care as much for the smoked meat KC style, and prefer the southern style spicy-sweet  sauce and sweet corn muffins of Famous Dave’s which is actually a national chain.

Of course, if we’re looking to celebrate the KC heritage the place we really like is Snead’s which has been cooking up Bar-B-Q its original brick oven since 1956. But beyond the smoked meats, there are heart stopping favorites like fried okra and sweet potato fries.

Uh-oh…when’s lunch?

Photo taken October 2011, Snead’s Bar-B-Q, Belton, Missouri since 1956.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kippi
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 19:14:17

    Spicy BBQ FTW!


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