Day 18: Catch the Glove*

One of the things I love about the Kansas City area is how diverse it is and how much culture it has.   This weekend we headed just a bit north of the city to Weston, MO.  Weston is a picturesque little town full of antique shops and B&B’s.

It is also home to O’Malley’s Pub and the Weston Irish Festival.  The pub is still a working brewery, and the pub has been built in the cellar rooms.  The festival is an annual event – a whole weekend of Celtic music, food, vendors of sundry goods and of course, beer (and hard cider).

This year we arrived around noon on Saturday. We were in time to catch the opening of the Main Stage in the largest underground room. We happily sat and enjoyed sets by 5 bands in just under 8 hours, as well as great food, great company and a few drinks.

Sadly it’s hard to take good photos when you’re completely underground, so you’re getting a two-fer today as I try and show you where we spent the afternoon.

Also I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the bands we heard. By far our favorite was Barleyjuice for their musical talent – there were bagpipes up there onstage! Our local favorite is Flannigan’s Right Hook, and they didn’t disappoint.  The headlining act, Screaming Orphans, was pretty good as well though they did an acoustic show indoors, and I would have liked to hear their full performance (with keyboards and the like) outdoors.  We also saw Tullamore (notable for it’s hammer dulcimer and sweet harmony) and Reverse Cowboy (two really funny dudes from the twin cities).

Photos taken October 2011, Weston Irish Festival, Weston, Missouri.

* The sign says Catch the Glow, but it really looks like Catch the Glove doesn’t it?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kippi
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 14:57:37

    You spent all that time underground? HA! For some reason I expected a festival to be outside in the sunshine. Today I learned something!


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