Novelty Nightmare

A few weeks ago I got a wild hair.  I have two or three Rubbermaid bins full of yarn odds and ends, mostly leftovers from samples I have knit for shops over the years, but also free samples of yarns and ends of my own projects.   The idea was this: what if I grouped them by colors, warped the loom and wove them into scarves? I decided this was either going to look fabulous or hideous.

This was my first:

I love all the different colors and textures in it.

My second effort was a little less successful. I like the colors, although not as much as the first. I also wove really different weight yarns in the second and the edges are a little uneven for my tastes.

On Friday, I gleefully went through all my bins of yarn and started grouping colors together.  I can’t wait to continue experimenting.

And, if you’re interested, some of the results will be available in my shop.


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