A little of this, a little of that.

I guess I haven’t been very good about posting now that October is over. It was nice to have a reason to post each day, but it’s also nice to take a step back.  I haven’t been neglecting the crafting though.

We’re now in the time of year when I take most of my photos on the weekends, so that I can use natural light. I can’t seem to take photographs under lamps and indoor light that I like quite as much as those I can take in natural light.

Anyway, I gathered up a ton of stuff this weekend and got out the camera.

There were a few spins:

And of course there was knitting. A test shawl for a friend:

And my favorite, a new set of handknit fingerless gloves.  I didn’t actually spin this yard, but rather traded for it in a group on Ravelry. I LOVE the colorway though (by one of my favorite dyers, maude & me).  I mixed up two patterns to make my own.  When I was done I had a bit of handspun leftover, and you know it’s a SIN to waste good handspun so I made a matching headband/earwarmer.

I also cannot say enough wonderful things about etsy. I got the buttons from a crafter in Israel!

Next time… more weaving, and sweaters #9 and 10!


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