Crazy in 2012.

Whoops. I was doing so well and I fell off the radar again. After my last post, I hemmed and hawed and stewed a little and came up with my word for 2012.


Whether it be my craft room, my finances, the clutter in our house, or just taking a few moments to breathe and enjoy life, I hope that this word will help me focus in 2012 and live a happier life.

One would think now that I embraced my word, that I would be doing my best to simplify my life. Well I suppose in some ways the challenge I have set for myself is a simplification. It is to spin, to enjoy spinning and to spin down my stash. To this end I have pledged to spin 12 pounds of fiber in 2012. For those who don’t spin, an average braid is about 4 ounces, meaning I need to spin 4 per month or one per week to keep up.

I’m delighted to say that I have already finished this month’s goal!

Spin #1: A 3-ply yarn made up of three different fibers from Funky Carolina, The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga and some batts I received in a swap. It was fun to see how the colors played together!

Spin #2: A spin-a-long with a group. The dyer is JulieSpins and the fiber is a gradient in the colorway December Dusk. I got approximately 200 yards of floofy 2-ply yarn and this skein already went flying out of my shop to a good home!

Spin #3: This month my friend K challenged a group of us to spin a fiber we labeled as our “precious.” This is a fiber that we had been holding onto much like the ring in Lord of the Rings – hoarding it and/or afraid to spin it. I went into the stash and pulled out my braid from All Spun Up in the sought after colorway Goldfish Wearing a Tutu. It’s bright and happy and I’m so pleased to have spun it up!

So that brings me up to 19.7 oz or slightly over 1 pound!  I’ll be back with my knitting challenge for the month in the next post!


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