Here in the pirate’s lair we’re leaping for leap year. Well ok, not really.

Actually, it’s more like we’re working on recovery. Two weeks ago we got sick. Well, Wes got sick first, and then about 5 days later I followed. Except then he outdid me and got REALLY sick. He’s still home and off work, but the doctor finally decided to call it pneumonia yesterday, and as of this evening he’s doing MUCH better on a regimen of some serious antibiotics and steroids. I am so relieved to hear him breathing easier as he has really had me worried this past week.

So what else is new? I’m almost ready to post the February fiber spinning, but not quite. The last week or two haven’t been too crafty, but I’m working on rectifying that. This is probably going to be greatly enhanced by a visit from my college roommate this weekend who is also a knitter and wants to learn to spin!

So while I gather more interesting material to blog about I’ll leave you with a funny “definition” from something that happened this morning.

Woodpecker Alarm: when an infernal bird “the pecker” starts wailing on the side of your house approximately 10 minutes before your alarm is due to go off. (see also “how to make your ill husband race outside with the air pellet gun”)


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