California Dreamin’

This weekend Wes and I hopped a plane and headed for California to celebrate my cousin’s bar mitzvah. It was a really fabulous weekend complete with good food, good company and lots of laughs.

We flew in to John Wayne airport on Friday morning and headed down to San Diego to meet the family. Along the way we ate lunch in San Juan Capistrano, narrowly missing the Return of the Swallows. After living in the Midwest for several years I forgot what it was like to walk around an urban area and see fruit trees everywhere.

We had lunch at Sarducci’s Capistrano Depot and watched the trains go by (we were told they get 88 trains a day!)

Then it was down to Encinitas for Friday night Shabbat services and dinner with the extended family.

Saturday was the big day. We got up early and headed over to temple for the Bar Mitzvah. The day was mild and my cousin did a great job. This photo was taken the next day, but here he is meeting one of his new cousins.

The rest of the weekend was spent wandering Encinitas, eating good food and catching up with family we only get to see every once in a while.

There was a bit of goofing off:

Lots of time for the cousins to catch up:

And a cutie pie to snorgle:

There was even a bit of yarn tourism at The Black Sheep – a cousin and I went off in search of fibery goodness and were not disappointed. The store is beautiful and stocked floor to ceiling!

Unfortunately, after a weekend of fun we had to head back home. We got in late last night and returned to work today, and laundry and sundry chores this evening.


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