Almost a year ago my mother-in-law, while traveling, found some Fuchsia plants on sale. She came home with 10 of these tiny plants in little square cardboard seed pots.

Now for those of you who haven’t met her, my mother-in-law happens to be a flower junkie. She has a green thumb, but she is CRAZY about plants that flower. Wes regales me of stories from his childhood of her stopping in various neighborhoods, parking lots, and recreational parks to pull buds or stems off of plants with beautiful flowers to bring them home and coax them to grow.

Anyhow, she brought us this spindly little plant. After a few weeks it was clear that it was root-bound so I dutifully re-potted it and put it in our dining room, which has a southern exposure and receives gentle sunlight throughout the day. I didn’t know how the plant would do given the varying midwest climate, and that I was only familiar with outdoor fuchsia plants in California.

After a few months we had one solitary blossom. And then one more. And the plant grew sending off countless vines.  So we clipped a few, let them soak in a salsa jar filled with water for a few weeks, and planted those cuttings back in the same pot to full the plant.

And my poor mother-in-law who took home 9 of her 10 fuchsia plants has potted and re-potted them and seen nary a blossom.

So you can imagine my surprise in the last few weeks when suddenly what was a tiny sprig a year ago is flourishing and covered in beautiful blossoms. Don’t tell my mother-in-law!


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