Car Tunes

Since moving further south of the city, my commute time has grown to approximately 45 minutes each way. While I once abhorred commuting in Los Angeles, I find that commuting in Kansas City is quite different. For one thing my commute covers 23 miles, so in that 45 minutes I’m always moving, as opposed to Los Angeles where I would travel 3 miles in traffic and have it take just as long. I’m also not running between work and school any more so I’m happy to have a little time in the car to unwind from my day before I reach home.

I find my radio habits move in phases. Sometimes I just want news, so I turn on my local NPR station – KCUR.  You’ll know I’m in an NPR phase when all of my stories start, “hey I heard this GREAT story on NPR this morning…”

Other times I’m ready to hear the local and Hollywood gossip, and happy to listen to a variety of stations.

And then other times I’m in music mode. Lately I’ve been VERY music oriented. As in, I switch the station as soon as the one I’m listening to breaks for commercials, or a DJ cuts in. In the last few weeks I’ve found a few songs that just make me happy. Especially with the warm weather, I’ve had fun rolling down the windows, turning up the radio and just enjoying my ride home.

Last week I got in the car and came in on the middle of a song. Most of the music I listen to is current, so I was surprised to hear what I would have sworn was the Police or a Police-cover band. When I heard the tune again, I realized that the singer wasn’t Sting, but that the song certainly reminded me of some of the Police’s hits. I finally gave in to curiosity when I got home one night and googled the song. Turns out I’m not the only one who did a double take.  The video is a little odd, but give the music a listen and see what you think.


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