Summer means…


In our ongoing bumbling attempts in the garden, we decided to plant a strawberry patch this summer. Actually we tried it last summer, and the area we selected as the “patch” was quickly overgrown in weeds. Because of the mild winter, however, when we went out in the spring the plants were still going. I transplanted them to some spare pots and then almost killed them for lack of watering (is it any wonder things in our yard don’t grow?)

This year, Wes suggested we turn a small area near the house into a patch. He found some retaining wall cinder blocks at Home Depot that he liked and set out to create a few semi-circular beds.  On Saturday, he went to what I affectionately call the local “dirtmart” to pick up some soil.  We filled the semi-circles and then went shopping for plants. A little work on Sunday morning and we were set.

Two beds of strawberries:

And one little watermelon plant:

One last addition to the “garden” was a plant I have always wanted: a hydrangea. I think these are so beautiful and I’m absolutely fascinated that you can change the color of the blooms by changing the acidity in the soil. This is prettying up my front steps and making me smile:


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  1. Kate
    May 31, 2012 @ 03:52:18

    We have strawberries and watermelon in our garden and they’re doing really well. I’ve never had plants grow like this before – I guess Houston is good for one thing!


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