Le Tour – Day 2

Today was the second day of the Tour de France. I wish I could just take the next 3 weeks off because I loved watching the coverage and was SO productive today.

First I plied the singles I spun yesterday. I ended up with ~240 yards of squishy, shiny goodness!

But I still had roughly 2 hours of coverage to go, so I grabbed another braid. This is maude & me, 100% New Zealand Polwarth in the colorway Brazilian Flower. I just love Tracee’s color sense!

I managed to spin up half the fiber as singles. I guess the rest will happen tomorrow!

My final project of the day wasn’t entirely TDF spinning, but will determine some of what I spin for the rest of the Tour.  I’ve recently been asked to test knit a handspun sweater pattern. I need to spin a sport weight yarn and I envision the sweater with thick stripes of color. I have the perfect fiber in my stash, except I only have 2 braids (approximately 10 ounces). So I thought I might try plying what I have with a semi-solid. Further brainstorming led me to want to try plying with a commercial yarn that I feel complements the fiber.

Rather than waste a lot of time, effort and fiber/yarn, I decided to SAMPLE! I took one ounce of fiber and my yarn:

I spun 1 oz and plied, washed and ended up with this (which I LOVE):

This afternoon, I sat down to swatch. I couldn’t get gauge with the suggested needle, but when I went down a couple of sizes I’m spot on. I’m still undecided – what do you think?


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