The Spins: June 2012

I realize that I started posting for Tour de France/Tour de Fleece before I posted my June spins. Yes I’m all discombobulated over here.

(Aside: it is possible to be discombobulated, but is it possible to be combobulated? Or just bobulated?)

June wasn’t a super productive month spin-wise. I attribute this to a tweaked shoulder (who knows what I did, but it sure is feeling free to complain heartily) and lots of knitting. And because I was desperately trying to finish all my knits so I could spend three weeks spinning along with the tour.

I do have a few things to show you.

First up was a huge Loop bump.  Steph at Loop makes these awesome fiber bumps called “Bullseye Bumps.” I don’t know exactly how she cards them, but they look a little like sushi rolls. To spin, you start pulling the fiber from the center and spin all the way through.

Image courtesy of Loop

This was over 6 ounces of bright sparkly goodness in the colorway Perfectly Primary. It took quite a bit of spinning, but in the end I got over 300 yards of n-ply goodness.

When I went to Estes in early June, I visited with my college roomie and fellow knitter. As we wandered around the vendor tent she joined me in ooohing and aaaahing over the fiber. I encouraged her to buy a braid even though she doesn’t spin, and I brought it home with me to spin up for her. It was an incredibly gorgeous braid by Dicentra:

This was an 80/20 Merino Silk blend and was absolutely luscious to spin. I ended up with about 250 yards of worsted weight. It’s already gone back to its true home with Rachel.

The last spin of the month was a braid that I pulled out from the bottom of the stash. I bought it ages ago – probably back when I first started spinning. It was a braid from the now closed Sanguine Gryphon. The fiber is Cormo and the colorway is Calamity Jane.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with this braid. I assume it was probably the fiber preparation – the fiber felt sticky and clumpy and didn’t draft easily. I’m not sure if that’s typical of Cormo or if there was just too much lanolin still left in this fiber. I’m a little disappointed with the overall yarn since it’s a bit more rustic (read: bumpy and uneven) than I would like.

That brings my total for June to 14.1 oz and my overall 2012 total to 131.1 oz – that means so far this year I’m up to 8lbs, 3.1oz!


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