Le Tour – Day 4

Today was sort of a difficult day on the actual Tour de France – several big accidents, two riders left the race due to injuries.  Even though it wasn’t labeled as a challenge day, it seemed to be one. It is fitting then that I decided to challenge myself to a new spin: beaded yarn.

Two years ago at a local craft sale I purchased an art batt:

I think there’s everything and the kitchen sink in this batt. The batt also came with color coordinated beads.  I let this marinate in the stash for a while but decided I should give beaded yarn a try. As I pulled the batt apart today I realized the beads were REALLY REALLY tiny and I don’t spin thin enough for beads that small. But I had some larger beads leftover from a previous project so I decided to give it a whirl. I found this tutorial and adapted it to work with what I was doing.

After a couple of hours I had this:

Initial reactions: I like the way it looks. I find actually doing it to be incredibly fiddly and slow going – I only got through 1 ounce tonight. I have another ounce to bead, and then 2 more ounces to spin up for a second ply. Also, as an aside, I’m not crazy about the batt itself. The dye doesn’t seem to be set very well so my hands were quite red and black when I was done spinning.

More tomorrow!


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