Le Tour – Le Fin

Well my weekend did not quite go as planned. I was supposed to be out of town which didn’t quite happen, but I was entirely out of the house.

On Thursday night I finished my crazy thick ‘n thin yarn. As long as I was experimenting, I decided to go whole hog and try for some coils and other texture in plying. The end result:

I ended up with about 160 yards of fun. I might end up weaving with this. For now I’m just enjoying looking at it.

We were supposed to leave town Friday night so Friday afternoon I shot some final shots of my progress during the tour. I’m only missing one skein – it already went to a new home!

Mini skeins of almost everything I spun during the tour – these are all little bits of leftovers from my bobbins, n-plied.

And the final totals:

Up next: all the knitting I got done in the car this weekend, and my projects to be completed during the upcoming Olympics viewing!


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