Olympic Knitting

I’ve been quiet since the end of the Tour de France, but I’ve been immersed in crafting. Since the Olympics started I’ve been working on 3 projects. I hope to finish 2 of them before the closing ceremonies – we’ll see if I can make that happen.
The first is a shawl that I’m knitting out of some Madelinetosh Pashmina and some Squoosh Fiber Arts handspun yarn.  The pattern is Stephen West’s Daybreak. So far it’s a lunch time knitting project so it’s slow going, but I’m enjoying it.


The second project is a sweater that I’m test knitting for a designer.  I showed you all some photos of the yarn I spun a few weeks ago.  Remember this?


Well a good week of knitting and I’ve already got the body mostly finished.  It’s striping just like I wanted it to. I still need to do a bit more math, and spin up some yarn for the sleeves:


Finally I’m picking up my Niebling – a version of Lyra by Herbert  Niebling in a beautiful purple laceweight from The Plucky Knitter. Of course the general problem with knitting lace is that it looks like a bunch of bunched up fabric on a needle. So you’ll have to be content with a preview shot:


This photo was actually taken earlier this year, around Row 50 or so. I’m now up to Row 103, and need to get to Row 180. Here’s hoping I can make the deadline!
More photos soon when I (hopefully) finish something!


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