The year of the baby.

I think I’ve mentioned a few times this year that 2012 seems to be the year of the baby. I THINK I’m done knitting. I’ve finished a dozen baby gifts this year and I don’t know of any more that are on the way. That doesn’t mean I won’t be surprised though.

For instance, Wes came home mid-July and told me that a coworker’s wife had a baby boy that morning. I was shocked that Wes hadn’t told me sooner (since I’ve been knitting for all the new babies at work), but apparently his coworker kept mum about it until he had to miss work. So I got out my needles and within a couple of nights I had a small little gift.

The hat is sort of a generic formula that I’ve come up with for newborn hats, and the yarn is sock scraps that I had – Malabrigo Sock in Chocolate Amargo and Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky.

Next up was an August baby.  My sister’s sister-in-law is expecting a little boy in late August and I wanted to knit a little something. I searched patterns and the stash, and decided to knit another Little Coffee Bean cardigan. This time I used leftovers of sock yarn in 2 colors of blue and did the math to adjust the pattern since it originally called for worsted weight yarn. A trip to my favorite “button dealer” and I was set!

I got surprised again late last month when another friend announced almost 7 months in that she was expecting a little girl in September. I was even more surprised (and honored) to be invited to her shower. But I needed another gift! I had a onesie but I wanted a little something homemade as mommy is a knitter. Rebecca Danger to the rescue! This time I knit both Daphne and Delilah:

I LOVE this pattern. I have all kinds of acrylic and superwash wool at home and it only requires a little bit of yarn (less than 400 yards). I knit the big one in 2 nights and the baby one in another night.

Finally, though not strictly a baby gift, I knit a shawl for Wes’s aunt who just became a great-grandma again a few days ago. I had knit for the baby (the blanket here) but I thought I’d add in a little something else. The pattern was a test knit for a dear friend, called Playful Plumage, and the yarn was from Black Trillium Fibres.


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