Things I’m Loving – December 2012

Whoops! It looks like I missed a few months. All the better to save up the things I love for the holiday season. So I’ll start there.

Growing up Jewish I obviously didn’t celebrate Christmas.  My husband isn’t Jewish, however, so now I get to enjoy the tree, the lights and the season even more fully. This year I decided my desk at work needed some sprucing up. A trip to Michael’s, and a bit of knitting with handspun later and I’ve got a mitten tree. I’m Smitten! (see what I did there?)

Yes. Those are mittens.

Another thing I love about the holidays is that people get in the spirit by doing all sorts of kindnesses to others.  This year on Ravelry I have seen the knitting community gather to do nice things for people they don’t even know: knit hats, send patterns and yarn.  One woman just wanted a card for her birthday and I know at least 20 people will be sending her a card on her special day. I chose to knit a hat for someone who mentioned that her hands hurt too much to knit any more (my worst nightmare). And in a karmic balance I received two patterns from designers who saw that I was interested in knitting lace. So in the new year I’ll be working on the Persian Star Shawl:

And Luiza:

(Bonus: the designer of Luiza lives less than 40 minutes away from me and we’re going to meet for coffee and yarn in the New Year!)

Cold weather and crafting have meant that I’m indoors and in need of entertainment. I’m slow to get on the bandwagon but in the past few weeks I have been enjoying Sherlock, The Dresden Files and Doc Martin.

Cold weather and sniffles mean HOT TODDIES. One of the things my husband has taught me is how to make a proper hot toddy: Lipton tea, honey, lemon, a dash of Seagram’s.  Breath in the steam and drink in the warm.

Cold weather means MORE knitting!  Moving up quickly on my “must knit this now” list – Jurisfiction by Glenna C.

I’m in the minority of my inlaws family in that I adore everything cranberry.  In the past few years we’ve started making our own cranberry sauce for the holidays using this great recipe.

I’m also thinking about making Cranberry Mulled wine this year. Maybe I’ll give this recipe a whirl.

I hope you’re enjoying the season and finding ways to stay warm and enjoy family, friends and food!


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  1. Kate
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 22:14:22

    I want to knit some of those mittens too – enough for an entire advent calendar! I’m hoping to make mine out of handspun as well. Also – Sherlock! Love that show.


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