As I crossed into the New Year I suddenly went from a “knit all the sweaters” to a “cast on ALL THE THINGS” mood.  I have set some goals for 2013, but I also have learned from locking myself into the bigger challenges (like 11 sweaters in 2011) that I like the freedom to cast on whatever I fancy when I fancy it.

So I’m compromising.  This year I will be participating in 2 challenges.  I will spin again, as I did last year, although this year will be 13 pounds of fiber in 2013. I’m not worried because as my friend Kippiann pointed out, that’s a braid a week. I also know that I spun 16.75 pounds last year so I should be good until at least 2017 right?

The second challenge is for my feet. I’m going to knit 13 pairs of socks in 2013.  I LOVE handknit socks. Between September and May they are virtually all I wear on my feet.  But somehow, when I’m knitting socks, they always get pushed down to the bottom of the project bag in favor of more exciting sweaters and shawls.  So this year I’m determined to knit a bakers’ dozen pairs of socks.  I’m taking a page from the Yarn Harlot and picking out patterns and yarns up front and grabbing a new one each time I need a project.

So… what’s on my needles?

1. Stripey Socks – I’m knitting a pair of plain vanilla socks out of some “gothified” Wollmeise. My friend Christine was nice enough to overdye big black stripes on my beloved skein of Wollmeise resulting in fun stripey socks:

2. Alaska on my Mind – When one of my favorite podcasters Leslie published the Georgia on My Mind pattern I knew it would be a great one for the variegated skeins of sock yarn I had stashed. I dug deep into my stash and found a skein I bought on my honeymoon in Alaska.

3. Luiza – Over the holiday season the pattern designer of Luiza generously gave me a copy of her pattern, which I had long been eying.  Imagine my surprise when I figured out that Jane Araujo (the designer) lives about 45 minutes away from me. I’m hoping we’ll get together for coffee soon, but in the mean time I selected a beautiful skein of Woolmeise lace and cast on!

Jane Araujo’s beautiful Luiza.

4. Multnomah – This pattern has been on my list for a while, but recently I’ve gotten to know the designer, Hello Knitty, a little better through Twitter and her blog. Add that to my LOVE for the cashmere goodness of Bugga and you have a project match. I’m using my beautiful skein of Autumn Tiger Beetle and the garter stitch is making me swoon!

The Sanguine Gryphon, Bugga, Autumn Tiger Beetle

I’m still working on my Roam Tunic.  And I’m about ready to turn this sweet washcloth into a baby blanket for my cousins who are expecting in March.

Jan Eaton’s Leaf Lace Washcloth

So the only question left is, what will I cast on next?

* ALL THE THINGS is a phrase borrowed from the hysterical Hyperbole and a Half.


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