A little shameless family promotion.

Although I think I mentioned it briefly in a few entries a while ago my father published a book. He emailed me this morning to let me know that it’s now available in Kindle format and soon will be available for the Nook as well!

Spacebraid and Other Tales of a Dystopian Universe is a collection of stories that includes one science fiction novella and seven tales of fantasy and horror written by my father and features cover art by my talented sister.

From Amazon:

The novella, “Spacebraid”, is the story of a dedicated and brilliant group of individuals who attempt to time travel beyond the death throes of a ravaged planet to make a fresh start in a cleansed world. Issues of environmentalism, politics, and human relations all come together to create a compelling tale of hope for a better future. In the realm of fantasy, “The Thing that Came Out” is a whimsical take on the theme of alien encounter. When it comes to horror, “Final Discretion” is a chilling tale with an ending to stimulate the reader’s imagination. These and the other stories in the collection, beyond simply being engaging yarns, deal in varying ways with the common themes of human interdependence, love, and the need to belong and survive in hostile worlds.

I’m probably biased but I think it’s a wonderful read, so if you’re into science fiction, check it out!


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